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Here you will find information on the species composition, distribution, identification, bionomics and conservation status of the butterflies of Bulgaria.

This website pursues two goals: first, to provide a virtual guide to all Bulgarian butterflies, something that does not exist in any form at present. In order to provide as up-to-date information as possible, the website will be expanded and updated regularly. My second goal is, through this website, to get in touch with people interested in the butterflies of Bulgaria. One of the major hindrances to getting a good picture of the distribution of all species in the country is not so much the lack of data but rather the lack of communication between those who have such data (from collecting, observation, or photography). In the past year I was convinced that the internet offers the best possible channel for creating such connections between people with similar interests and goals. In this way I have already received many interesting new records of Bulgarian butterflies (many thanks again to all of you!). My hope is to continually find new acquaintances here, so if you find my website of interest and have data from Bulgaria, or plan to go butterflying there, you are welcome to contact me.

Thank you for your interest, enjoy this website!

Zdravko Kolev, owner and author of The butterflies of Bulgaria

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